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I Horse fucking could carry on with this story and relate to you how I screwed both Angela and Jeremy during the course of the long evening, but that was not the reason I wrote this story. I wanted to say how easy it is to relinquish doctrines which formerly one holds sacred. Yielding to temptation can be far easier than remaining in control. If you want to know if I have yielded again? The short answer is - yes - I have! Do I regret losing my anal cherry? The answer is - no - I don't regret it. If you are male or female, if you desire anal, then go for it. If you are married, it could save your marriage. If you are single and undecided which way is for you? Like me, it could make you a very happy person.

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Anal Amateur beastiality sex, could be quite natural if people did not name-brand it and consequently enjoy stigmentation against it much more than the actual act. The reason for anal diseases, as in vaginal diseases, they are caused simply by the lack of hygiene, and nowadays, the use of contraception. People should make anal and vaginal douching as a part of love-play and instead of turning over to go to sleep should share a shower with their partner as well as a joint douching ceremony. Quite often this rejuvenates and leads into more exciting sexual fun. {Warning: If you are offended by 'worship' of the dark forces, and/or by extreme fetishes of the bodily fluids, you would do best not to read any further. If you do proceed, keep in mind this is a work of imagination, and group sex actually carried out with strangers of unknown HIV status may endanger your life. Further, regarding the procedures, as they say, "Do not try these at home."}

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==== ==== Horse love sex I, a minister and family man with a daughter of 18, was standing in front of about fifty wedding guests, about to marry the bride and groom standing nearby. A young blonde woman my daughter's age was, with my obvious consent, masturbating me in full view. Oblivious to almost all, but held in the dark eyes of the bride, I was going to ejaculate. Indeed, I was full of lustful anticipation, sensing that the young woman--Lucie was her name--would shortly drop to her knees and ... What was I hoping? How did all of this come about? I'll start at the beginning.

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=== It's Huge horse cocks part of my job to offer our church worship center to weddings. We send out a standard form, to get names, etc., and to let the parties know our simple rules. I'd received a form from a 'Tessa Mallory," and I'd thought it best to talk to her about some issues, in person, so I had my secretary book an appointment for her, to see me at the church office. While I was waiting there, on the specified afternoon, late this last summer, my daughter, Jill, stopped by. She was showing me the Fall catalog for Bennington College, where she was just starting. While I was looking at the catalog, she said, "Hey Dad, look." She lifted her T shirt she far enough so I could see; there was a silver ring, freshly installed next to her navel. "Cool, hey?"

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"Jill, Animal sex pictures you'll be right in with the rebellious spirits at Bennington." "I got another," she said, pointing fleetingly towards her lower pelvic area, "but I can't show it to you. You'll see it next summer at the lake." Tessa and her fiancГ© arrived, knocked, and entered. I introduced myself, "I'm Blair, minister of this church. Welcome." I extended my hand; the young man took it, and then she did. "I'm Tessa," she said. Her eyes were smiling, curious. Desire tugged at me.

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"Tessa, Sample animal sex movie this is my daughter, Jill," I said, introducing them. "Hi, Jill." Then, noting the catalog, Tessa said, "Off to college?" "Yep, soon." "Bye, Dad ... nice to meet you guys," said Jill, as she excused herself. The young woman before me was of medium height, dark haired, and very presentable; indeed I wondered if she was a model. Tessa's jawline was straight and strong without being heavy, and her dark eyes, while intense, frequently seemed to convey a kind of detachment. The soft-spoken man with her--whom I'd forgotten to introduce--was about 6 feet tall, with dark hair; he wore a loose-fitting black shirt and well-cut dark pants.

"Please Animal human sex sit down. Let me explain a few things," I said. "Our church has a wide embrace -- former Catholics, Muslims, Baptists. We do not care about a person's theology, so long as they don't represent a danger to their fellow human beings." She nodded. "Indeed, we don't care if you reject God or religion. We are happy to serve our atheist members." "That's very enlightened," she said, with a bit of mischief in her eyes.

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"Your Zoophilia stories forums application says 'Order of Sabazios', which I'm not familiar with." "It's a small, select group," she replied, and her fiancГ© nodded. "It's not a Christian group, I take it," I said. "No, it's not." "Well, I want you to know we are religious liberals. We have Hindus here." Something twigged in my mind. "We have a Wiccan group, too," I added, "and we get along quite happily. Would your group be of that type?" "We are not exactly Wiccans," she said, as if in understatement, "but you might know that Sabazios was a god of fertility and wine; the Greeks called him 'Dionysos.'"

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"Oh," Woman dog sex I said. "That's fine. We are liberals, remember. We see nothing wrong with venerating the harvest gods." I wanted to prevent misunderstandings, so I added, "Because your group is unusual, I must ask for and receive several undertakings.... "I'll run them off, and you answer 'yes' or 'no.' Then you and your fiancГ© and I will sign the papers.

"First, there is to be no devil worship." "Fine," she said. "There are to be no animal sacrifices." "None of us would shed the blood of any animal," she said. "Those are the main things," I said. "Do you have any questions?" She looked me in the eye, as if to gauge my reaction: "What about nudity?" Well, I've heard of such things, and, as I said, our church honors the healthy body, and its sexuality. "I don't see that as a problem in a closed ceremony; not for the public. We think bodies are beautiful. We are liberals, remember." I did think to add, however, "Your party and your guests must not engage in sexual intercourse, it almost goes without saying."

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"You Animalsex pics mean in public, right?" (She winked.) "Yes." "OK, no one there at the ceremony is going to be fucking anyone else. ... One further thing, I think I put on the form. We want you to conduct the ceremony, but do so jointly with our representatives, a priest and priestess. Since you have a license from the state, you will 'marry' us. OK?" "Right," I said.

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"And Girls with animales you will have one of us as assistant, OK?" "Yes," I said. "We need to set up some curtains and back drops, that can be removed, and a few other items, stands, etc., temporarily," she stated casually. "No problem. I'm looking forward to it. Just give me my lines before the ceremony starts." "I think that's everything," I said, "we've agreed on the fee, right?" I presented the form to her and her fiancГ©; they signed and returned the paper for my signature.

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=== Near the time of the ceremony, I was in my office. A young lady came to fetch me. She introduced herself as Lucie and told me she had just started at a local university. She didn't appear to be as old as Jill, and had a look of innocence. She was a slender, blonde young woman, with grey-blue eyes, rather graceful, beginning to fill out at the hips. My mind imagined a small, blond-downed vulva which concealed the narrowest of virgin lips; not like Jill's pert little mound, which must have been noticed by some of the guys who hung out with her. Yes, I knew she was sexually active, like any healthy teen; no, I do not peep on her and check out her genitals. The Universal Church has a camp up a Elk lake, and families, on special days, are encouraged to swim nude, together. We think sexuality is to be celebrated, not hidden in shame.

I Animal human sex walked into the large, worship room; the makeover stunned me. Deep purple drapes had been strung up along the walls. We don't have an altar, but at the front, behind where it would be, was a black velvet backdrop, with various symbols in silver embroidery. I recognized some of them as snakes. In the center of the backdrop, was a "V" shaped sign, with curving ends. I thought of the ram's horns symbol for the Aries--Jill once drew up my birth chart. At the front of the room, eight people were already there; I became the ninth, and we nine formed a trapezoidal pattern. There were three men at the left, angling back to form one side, and three women, similarly at the right. The men were dressed in black, but with shirts of the deepest purple. In the front of the trousers of each man was a panel of darkest red, the width of his body, covering him down to his mid-thigh, secured at the sides. The woman were in deep red robes, severely scooped at the front, exposing most of their breasts. Each woman's robe had a panel, like a floor-length apron, at the front of the waist, running down, angling out with the robe, to its lower hem. It was secured at the sides. I was to learn the purpose of these panels, later.

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At the center of the back, the short side of the trapezoid, was a black-dressed figure with a sash of deep scarlet, forming a row of three, together with the first man and the first woman at the sides. He wore a deep purple mantle, edged in silver, and he had a pendant on a silver chain around his neck. It was a circular piece of black stone, with the same ram's horns, done in silver, in the middle; encircling that symbol was a snake, its tail curved around into its own mouth. I recognized it as the uroboros, the symbol of life and death.

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